Oxygen Sensor O2 Lambda 98AB-9F472-BB For Ford Fiesta MK4 MK6 MK1 Fusion Focus Generic


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Oxygen Sensor O2 Lambda 98AB-9F472-BB For Ford Fiesta MK4 MK6 MK1 Fusion Focus

Material: ABS Plastic
Condition: 100% Brand New
Type: Sensor
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Quantity: 1pcs
Manufacturer Part Number: 98AB-9F472-BB,2S6A-9F472-BB, 30731563

For Ford:
Fiesta MK4 (JA_, JB_) 1.25i 16V 08.1995-01.2002 KW:55 PS:75 CCM:1242
Fiesta MK5 (JH_, JD_) 1.25 16V 03.2003-ON KW:51 PS:70 CCM:1242
Fiesta MK5 (JH_, JD_) 1.25 16V 05.2002-ON KW:55 PS:75 CCM:1242
Fiesta MK5 (JH_, JD_) 1.3 11.2001-ON KW:44 PS:60 CCM:1299
Fiesta MK5 (JH_, JD_) 1.4 16V 11.2001-ON KW:59 PS:80 CCM:1388
Fiesta MK5 (JH_, JD_) 1.6 16V 11.2001-11.2008 KW:74 PS:100 CCM:1596
Fiesta VAN 1.3 10.2003-ON KW:51 PS:69 CCM:1299
Focus MK1 1.4 16V 10.1998-11.2004 KW:55 PS:75 CCM:1388
Focus MK1 1.6 16V 10.1998-11.2004 KW:74 PS:100 CCM:1596
Focus MK1 1.8 16V 10.1998-11.2004 KW:85 PS:115 CCM:1796
Focus MK1 2.0 16V 10.1998-11.2004 KW:96 PS:131 CCM:1988
Focus MK1 ST170 03.2002-11.2004? KW:127 PS:173 CCM:1988
Focus MK1 RS 10.2002-11.2004? KW:158 PS:215 CCM:1988
Fusion (JU_) 1.25 08.2004-ON KW:55 PS:75 CCM:1242
Fusion (JU_) 1.4 08.2002-ON? KW:59 PS:80 CCM:1388
Fusion (JU_) 1.6 08.2002-07.2010? KW:74 PS:100 CCM:1596
KA (RB_) 1.3i 06.1998-11.2008? KW:36 PS:49 CCM:1299
KA (RB_) 1.3i 09.1996-10.2002? KW:37 PS:50 CCM:1299
KA (RB_) 1.3i 09.1996-11.2008? KW:44 PS:60 CCM:1299
Mondeo MK1 2.5i 24V 07.1994-08.1996? KW:125 PS:170 CCM:2544
Mondeo MK2 2.5 24V 06.2000-ON KW:125 PS:170 CCM:2495
Mondeo MK2 2.5 24V 09.1996-08.2000? KW:125 PS:170 CCM:2544
Mondeo MK2 2.5 ST200 05.1999-11.2000? KW:151 PS:205 CCM:2495
Mondeo MK3 2.5 V6 24V 11.2000-04.2005 KW:125 PS:170 CCM:2495
Mondeo MK3 3.0 V6 24V 09.2004-06.2007? KW:150 PS:204 CCM:2967
Mondeo MK3 ST220 04.2002-08.2007 KW:166 PS:226 CCM:2967
Tourneo Connect 1.8 16V 06.2002-ON? KW:85 PS:116 CCM:1796
Transit Connect (P65_,P70_,P80_)1.8 16V 06.2002-ON ?KW:85 PS:116 CCM:1796

For Jaguar:
for Jaguar S-Type (CCX) 2.5 V6 04.2002-10.2007 KW:147 PS:200 CCM:2497
for Jaguar S-Type (CCX) 3.0 V6 01.1999-10.2007 KW:175 PS:238 CCM:2967
for Jaguar S-Type (CCX) 4.0 V8 01.1999-04.2002 KW:203 PS:276 CCM:3996
For Mazda:
2 (DE) 1.3 10.2007-ON KW:63 PS:86 CCM:1349
2 (DY) 1.25 04.2003-ON? KW:55 PS:75 CCM:1242
2 (DY) 1.4 04.2003-ON? ?KW:59 PS:80 CCM:1388
2 (DY) 1.6 04.2003-ON? ?KW:74 PS:100 CCM:1596
CX-9 (TB) 3.7 01.2007-ON? KW:204 PS:277 CCM:3726
CX-9 (TB) 3.7 AWD 01.2007-ON KW:204 PS:277 CCM:3726

Package Included:
1x Sensor 98AB-9F472-BB

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Free Quick Shipping to USA & AUS.
Estimated Time of Arrival: within 3-8 working days.

Customer Reviews

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Didn’t expect it to last long, but I’ve had no problems with it. Cheap and works. Got rid of the engine code.

John Musson

order arrived on time parts fitted very happy with this company


I bought these oxygen sensors, hoping to save some money on the truck I want to sell. Shipping was quick and I received the sensors, and they looked as good as OEM parts.


Perfect job. After driving for nearly a year, there are hardly any problems all over the United States. Will buy again.


The oxygen sensor is on. It's working great! The engine is firing! Smooth start,