M18 X 1.5 Bung 32mm O2 Oxygen Sensor Test Pipe Extension Extender Adapter Spacer Generic


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These are needed when using a HHO System or a test pipe.They are also used to lean out your vechicle for better gas milage.

Easy installation:
They are very easy to install by unscrewing your O2 Sensor from your exhaust then screw your sensor into the extender,and then screw the two pieces back into your exhaust, that's all!

Thread: M18x 1.5mm
Length: 32mm/1.253 Inch
Material: Stainless steel

The extender has a 7/8 hex head which is the same size as most O2 sensors and it makes them easer to install not like the straight sided extenders.
Fits all standard size sensors with a 1/2 Inch diameter tip.The size of the extenders is M18 X 1.50.

Package included:
1 X Oxygen Sensor Bung

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Customer Notification and Disclaimer of Liability.
This is a race-only product. It is not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles that are driven on public streets, roads, or highways. Buyer's use or installation of this product for itself or for Buyer's customer is at Buyer's own risk. The Buyer is responsible for obeying federal, state, and local laws. Only Buyer can determine end customer's use and thus assumes any and all liability hereby waiving any and all claims against JCarPart in the sale of this product to the maximum extent permissible by law. Make sure to abide by all local, state, and federal laws, including emissions, vehicle safety, and traffic laws. It is Buyer's responsibility to know what those laws are and how they apply to Buyer or Buyer's customer. This product is designed and intended solely for legally-organized and sanctioned, closed-course, off-road competition use and is not for use on public streets, roads, or highways. This Product is capable of disabling the emissions system on some vehicles. Use on public streets, roads, or highways is a violation of federal and certain state (including California) and local environmental laws.

Customer Reviews

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Jerry Proffitt
I had a code P0420 cat below efficiency

The cat was replaced by an aftermarket unit at some point in time he past. This code has been there for quite a while. I changed O2 sensors which didn’t help and looked at the cat which appeared clear. I inserted this stand off to properly mimic the old cat’s chamber volume. Cleared the codes and now it passes green on my code reader. Also gas mileage has improved noticeably. Great product!

Yahya Asari

M18 X 1.5 Bung 32mm O2 Oxygen Sensor Test Pipe Extension Extender Adapter Spacer Generic

Cecil James

M18 X 1.5 135 Degree Catalytic Converter CEL Oxygen Sensor Extender Adapter Spacer Generic

Greg Abramowski

M18*1.5 Exhaust Pipe Oxygen Sensor Adapter 90 Degree Extension Extender CLE Generic

Great service

Great customer service! I accidently ordered to the wrong address and they were able to help me out with a replacment. Can't wait to try these!