2007+ Odyssey/ Honda 3.5L V6 Muzzler VCM Disable Kit Pilot Accord Ridgeline Odyssey 3.5L Plug For Honda Acura


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1) The VCM function, while automatically deactivating cylinders to reduce emissions, can cause oil burning and oil fouling of the spark plugs. This unique type of oil consumption has led to premature failure of parts like spark plugs, catalytic converters, engine mounts, pistons/rings, and cylinder walls
2) This harness kit consists of male and female connectors with additional resistors between them. Pure plug and play solution, no switches necessary. Temp gauge still works and shows engine temperature, the only difference is that it reads about half a mark less at operating temperature
3) 4 Different Resistors -- 68 ohm, 82 ohm, 100 ohm, 120 ohm. The different resistors are used to account for variances between vehicle cooling system components such as thermostats, sensors, cooling system fluids and conditions, and radiator conditions, as these differences may result in slightly different operating temperatures. Climate can also affect resistor selection
4) Easy disconnect to revert back to OEM configuration if desired for EPA inspection, work at the dealership, or long trips in nice weather when VCM would be beneficial at high speeds and summer temps

Condition: Brand New
Fitment Type:Direct Replacement
Voltage: 6 V
Hex Size: 0.07 cm (0.028 in)

Fit for Honda 3.5L V6 Engine with VCM, fit for Ridgeline 2007+.
Fit for Odyssey 2007+
(This kit will also works on the 2005-2006 Odyssey, but requires modification of the male connector).
Compatible with Honda Accord Civic Odysse with VCM 2005-2007 temperature sensor repair harness

Package included:
1 complete VCM harness with plugs
4 resistors

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