Copper Brake Line Tubing Kit 3/16 OD 25 Foot Coil Roll All Size Fittings Generic


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1.【Nickel Coil Brake Line】Copper-Nickel alloy coil brake line is for super easy bending & flaring, so you can hand bend lines. Our line is easy, rustproof and flexibility.
2.【Rust and corrosion proofing】Our Copper Nickel Alloy lines are the longest lasting and durable line and are much better than standard steel tubing.
3.【High Quality】Our brake line meets all SAE and ISO specifications. Our tubing has best quality in the market and don't worry to get rusty.
4.【Our Target】We take pride in providing the best fuel, transmission and brake lines in the industry.
5.【Complete Brake Line】Includes 16 Fittings: 2 x 3/16??7/16-24) Inverted Tube Nut, 10 x 3/16??3/8-24) Inverted Tube Nut, 2 x 3/16??1/2-20) Inverted Tube Nut, 2 x 3/16??9/16-18) Inverted Tube Nut.

Product parameters:
Hardness: 35
Wall thickness: .028 (.70mm)
Elongation: 2" (50mm)
Total Length: 25ft=300inch=7.62M
Tubing Diameter/OD: 3/16"( note: 3/16”≠1/4??

Package list:
1 Piece 25 Ft Roll brake line tubing (Gold ) + 16 pieces Nuts
[* Instruction is not included!]

Please check whether this item can fit on your car before purchasing

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Jennings Sherry

This product is very easy to work with. It bends and flares alot easier than steel line.