2Pcs Injector Sleeve Cup Removal Installer J-46904 J-48824 ST-223 Fit Detroit 60 Generic


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2Pcs Injector Sleeve Cup Removal Installer J-46904 J-48824 ST-223 Fit For Detroit 60 Series

--Meterial: Advanced blackening solid steel process, durability and anti-corrosion. Ultra-precise design meets the requirement of high precision and hardness and a much longer service life.
--Works on screw-in stainless steel cups to remove or install the injector cups.
Includes four high quality rubber o-ring seals. Alternative to J-46904 & J-48824 to work in an easier way to save your time and money.

Removing and installing EPA07
1. Drain Engine Coolant before removing injector tube.
2. Injector tubes may be damaged if excessive force is used during removal.
3. Install injector cup removal/installation tool into injector bore. See pictures for correct tool. Aligning tool with slots in tube. Turn injector cup removal/installation tool and injector tube counter clockwise to remove.
4. Check injector tube for cracks or defects. Replace if damaged.
5. Paying careful attention not to score cylinder head to injector tube sealing surface, clean injector tube threads with fine wire brush. Pay strict attention to keep debris out of fuel supply line.
6. For cleaning injector tube interior sealing surface, a chemical solvent may be used.
7. Thoroughly clean injector bore, install new O��Ring with a silicone based lubricant into injector tube groove.
8. Use high temperature nickel based antiseize lubricant to coat injector tube threads. Install injector tube on injector cup removal/installation tool.
9. Using injector cup removal /installation tool install injector tube in injector bore.
10. Tighten injector tube to torque specs.
11. Tip of the injector must be flush with the fire deck or sunk into the cylinder head. Ensure tube does not protrude past fire deck into cylinder.
12. Re-install or replace shim. Ensure NEW shim is of same thickness as original one. To insure proper tube depth after fire deck has been milled a shim is used between tube and cylinder head in remanufactured cylinder heads.

Material: High-Quality Steel
Warranty: 3 Years
Color: Black
Package Include: 1set

For exact years and models please check compatibilities.

For Detroit Diesel 60 Series, alternative to J-46904 & J-48824.
--Use J-46904 for screw-in stainless cups 240-1039 23538840 240-1035 23533148.
--Use J-48824 for screw-in stainless cups 240-1045 23534745 23538829.

Package Includes:
1�� J-46904 ��Same as picture show��
1�� J-48824

Due to light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.

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