230W 7R Zoom Moving DJ Party Disco Club Concert Wedding Lighting Head Beam Sharpy Light 8 Prism Strobe DMX 16Ch US


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* 230W projection lamp
* 0 to 4° beam angle
* 1 color wheel, 14 Colors + White, Single rotation rainbow effect.
* Bi-directional rainbow effect, speed adjustable.
* 1 rotating gobo wheel, 17 rotating gobos + blank.
* Different strobe speed effect 12 t/s, free and pulse.
* Prism effect: eight prism (bi-directional rotation).
* 540°Pan movement, 270°Tilt movement.
* Pan/Tilt scanning position correction function
* 16-bit precision smooth Pan/Tilt rotation
* Fast, quiet and precise Pan/Tilt positioning
* Motor focus from near to far
* LCD color display
* 16CH DMX512 channels
* Automatic patter/sound activate/master-slave control DMX
* Electronic ballasts and switching power supply
* Mechanical dimmer
* Large external temperature 104°F (40°C)
* Fan cooling system
* Eco-friendly, replaces far larger and more epxensive spotlights.
* Stable Performance, high-performance electronics, Long Life.

* Power Consumption: 350W/400W
* Input Voltage: AC 110V-240V, 50/60Hz
* Plug:US Plug
* Type: Spotlight - Beam/Pinspot
* Lighting Effects: Beam & Pattern Gobo
* Motion: Automated Pan & Tilt
* Control: DMX
* Lamp: 230W 7R
* Color wheel: 14 colors + white
* Reverse: horizontal / vertical
* Description trimming (x / y-axis precision): 8 / 16bit
* Level of 540 degree, vertical 270 degree, horizontal / vertical speed adjustable
* Dmx 512 channel: 16ch
* Strobe: 0-12 times / second
* Dimmer: 0-100% linear adjustment
* Prism: 8 facets - rotation
* Beam angle (min.): 0 °
* Beam angle (max.): 4 °
* Control interface: Jog wheel
* Fixed gobo wheel: 17 gobos, made of high temperature
* Effect:pattern water effects / pattern jitter effect / linear rainbow effect
* Operating modes: Automatic, Sound to Light, DMX-512, Master / Slave
* Special functions: electronic focus, frost filter, electronic monitoring of error messages
* Focus: independent electronic linear focus
* Cooling system: built-in convection heat / air
* Housing: ABS
* Size: 33x30x51 cm
* Package size: 42x47x58 cm
* Weight: approx. 16.5 kg
* Packaging weight: approx. 18 kg
230W 7R Zoom Moving Head Beam Sharpy Light 8 Prism Strobe DMX 16Ch Party US
It is absolutely essential that the fixture is kept clean and that dust, dirt and smoke-fluid residues must not build up on or within the fixture.
Regular cleaning will not only ensure the maximum light-output, but will also allow the fixture to function reliably throughout its life.
A soft lint-free cloth moistened with any good glass cleaning fluid is recommended, under no circumstances should alcohol or solvents be used!

1x 230w moving head light
1x Control table line
1x Power line
2x Bracket
1x English manual

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Customer Reviews

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A great upgrade for our stage.


It's fast, and it looks well built

Gary McQueen

To hold an outdoor rock party, I bought 9 sets. Arrive soon and no damage. Waste some time to install it. Not a tough work to use it. Super cool. Rock tonight!

Highly recommend

The stage light has been received, come in good condition no damage, all the accessories here in the package. The color is diversified and many patterns to select, will not feel uncomfortable using it. I can hold a birthday party for my child at home now. ahahahaha


We just order some stage lights here. Our customers are very satisfied with our stage design. It is easy to use, flexible to rotate, and many colors to use.