2016-2020 F30 BMW 420i 430i B48 Engine Downpipe Upgrade Generic


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Crafted by hand from tig welded, grade stainless steel.
Fits both RHD and LHD models with no modification necessary.
Smooth radius bends to decrease turbulence and increase flow.
Fits the stock catback as well as all aftermarket exhausts.
Gains from 25-30hp with tune.

Condition:100% Brand New
Material: Stainless Steel

For 2016-2020 F20 BMW 120i & 125i (B48 Engine)
For 2016-2020 F22 BMW 220i & 230i (B48 Engine)
For 2016-2020 F30/F31/F32 BMW 320i, 330e, 330i including xDrive Models (B48 Engine)
For 2016-2020 F30 BMW 420i, 430i including xDrive Models (B48 Engine)
For 2016-2020 F31/F32 730i & 740e (B48 Engine)
For 2020+ G20 BMW 320i (B48 Engine)
For 2020+ G20 BMW 330i (B48 Engine)
Please note that this downpipe will only fit vehicles with the B48 engine.

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Customer Reviews

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Jason Zoboroski

all fit great but get the muffler

Dominick O’Connor
Sounds awesome

It has a very nice deep tone while on those low RPM’s and a nice controlled loud tone in the high RPMS’s. It was pretty easy to install but the only problem was that it was a little bit short on the bumper so some of the exhaust fumes gets on the muffler. It also made my gas millage better. Btw if you’re gonna be installing this on a g35 coupe like me you will need an 8 inch by 3 inch wide extension pipe.

Fernando Flores


john odell
B58 f22 bmw

Bolted in no issue only concern was that I had to take the tail end of my old downpipe to make a spacer to allow me to tighten down the clamp tight enough on to the port on the downpipe it was too small needs to be flared out more otherwise works perfectly. You do not check engine light. You will need a spacer and tune

Liz Ludlow

Good quality for the money!