1998-2003 VW Golf Jetta Beetle Mk4 1.9 ALH TDI Diesel Timing Belt Kit Fedex Express Generic


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1.Guides in this Timing Chain are with rubber which increase the resistance of breakage.
2.Upgraded Belt with Higher Durability.
3.Upgraded Tensioner.
4.High-Grade Gears.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Manufacturer Part Number:038109119M 038109244M 038109243N 058109244
Interchange Part Number: 038121011A 058109244, 038109119M, 038109243N, 038109244R, 03L109244D, 038109244Q

For 1999.5-2003 VW Golf TDI
For 1999.5-2003 VW Jetta TDI
For 1998-2003 VW New Beetle TDI

Kit Includes:
Conti Timing Belt --- 038109119M
Litens Tensioner --- 038109243N
Large Roller --- 038109244R
Small Top Roller --- 03L109244D
Small Bottom Roller --- 038109244Q
Hepu/Graf Metal Impeller Water Pump --- 038121011A
Vacuum Pump Seal --- 038145345

Bolt Kit:
Timing Belt Lower Roller Stud --- N10169303
Timing Belt Tensioner Nut --- N90074404
Timing Belt Tensioner Washer --- N01155811
Timing Belt Tensioner Stud --- N0146341
Roller Nut --- N01508315
Top Roller Bolt --- N0195315
Small Bottom Roller Washer --- N01155811
Large Roller Bolt --- N90596902

Note on change intervals: Originally 1999.5 TDI cars came with either a 40,000 mile belt change interval (automatic transmission) or a 60,000 mile interval (manual transmission). In 2002, VW updated the timing belt part number from 038109119D to 038109119M, which allowed for 60,000 mile change intervals in automatic transmissions, and 80,000 mile change intervals in manual transmissions. In 2003 the large roller was changed from 038109244J to 038109244M (or H in some brands) which allowed for 100,000 mile change intervals REGARDLESS of transmission. All of these kits are backwards compatible with the older cars, from the 1998 New Beetle to the 2003 Golf/Jetta/NB. There is no need to put a shorter life belt in your car. Upgrade now to the 100k kit and don't worry about another change for a lot longer!

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Customer Reviews

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Aram Bulapedro

It contains all the necessary components to replace the timing chain, guides, and tensioners, ensuring proper engine timing and longevity. The parts fit perfectly and appear to be of high quality, giving me confidence in their reliability.

liliana martinez

I recently noticed a slight rattling noise coming from the timing chain area. Since replacing the timing chain kit, the engine has been running smoother than ever, with improved performance and reduced noise levels.

Chris Williams
Perfect fit

Was worried, but the parts are a match. Great deal!


Worked as good as the oem. Fixed my timing issue!

Looks great

Got my parts after a delayed hold up at customs, but the parts look great and look like they’re good quality. Waiting to install it, but at first glance I’m happy with them.