15.75" RV Caravan Roof Vent RV Fan 12V Skylight With Remote Control 10 Speeds Generic


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You can easily open and close the hood with a manual riser knob.
Turn the handle clockwise to open the fan cover
Turn the handle counterclockwise to close the fan cover
The Air In/Out button function uses the fan's air in/out buttons to reverse the direction of the fan. To change the direction of the fan, simply push a button to make airflow into or out of the RV.
10-speed Forward and reverse with remote control
Equipped with stainless steel insect screen
Motor made of pure copper core, reliable and highly efficient
Fan with 10 blades, running more stable and more quiet
Bidirectional air exhausting
Water proof and sound proof, hard to age

Product parameters:
Vent fits in standard 15.75"*15.75"(400mm*400mm) RV roof openings.
1. Power: 20W
2. Current: 2.0A
3. Voltage: 12V
4. RPM:1200/M
5. Thermostat:5A Slow Melted
6. Air Flow: Reversible
7. Speeds: Three Fan Blade Speeds
8. Rain Sensor: Yes
9. Remote: Yes
Lid:PC withAnti-UV

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