2020 Trump Presidential Election Car Window Sticker Passenger Side Person Right Generic


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1. Water and weather resistant.
2. Easy peel off, Leaves no residue.
3. Watch as drivers and passengers do a double take as they notice president for Donald Trump riding in your car.
4. This decal looks convincingly like the real thing and gives the illusion that president for Trump is actually in your car.
1. Wash the window in a shaded area and dry.
2. Wipe area of window where decal is going with alcohol.
3. Using a small piece of tape to the window and make sure it is in the place you want it.
4. Remove the Decal from the backing and apply to the window.
5. Please use this sticker at your own discretion, It may block part of your view and we DO NOT accept any responsibility for improper usage by end users.
6. This applies to the OUTSIDE of your car window. The adhesive is strong enough to withstand weather, driving, and human touch.
7. You can see through the sticker from the inside of your vehicle. 

Name: Car Window Stickers (Right)
Material: PVC single transparent (transparent material)
Size: about 9.84" X 12.6" inch

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Car Sticker*1

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