PDC Parking Distance Control Unit Module 66209145158 66200410420 for BMW E60 E61 E63 E64 Generic


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Condition: New
Manufacturer Part Number: 66209145158, 9145158
Other Part Number: 66200410420, 66210395856, 66210393721

Fitment for:
For BMW 5 Series E60
2004-2005 525i Sedan (E60/M54)
2006-2007 525i Sedan (E60/N52)
2006-2007 525xi Sedan (E60/N52)
2004-2005 530i Sedan (E60/M54)
2006-2007 530i Sedan (E60/N52)
2006-2007 530xi Sedan (E60/N52)
2004-2005 545i Sedan (E60/N62)
2006-2007 550i Sedan (E60/N62N)
2006-2010 M5 Sedan (E60/S85)

For BMW 5 Series E60N
2008-2010 528i Sedan (E60N/N52N)
2008-2010 528xi Sedan (E60N/N52N)
2008-2010 535i Sedan (E60N/N54)
2008-2010 535xi Sedan (E60N/N54)
2008-2010 550i Sedan (E60N/N62N)

For BMW 5 Series E61
2006-2007 530xi Touring (E61/N52)

For BMW 5 Series E61N
2008-2010 535xi Touring (E61N/N54)

For BMW 6 Series E63
2004-2005 645Ci Coupe (E63/N62)
2006-2007 650i Coupe (E63/N62N)
2006 - To 03/08 M6 Coupe (E63/S85)

For BMW 6 Series E63N
2008 - To 03/08 650i Coupe (E63N/N62N)

For BMW 6 Series E64
2004-2005 645Ci Convertible (E64/N62)
2006-2007 650i Convertible (E64/N62N)
2007 - To 03/08 M6 Convertible (E64/S85)

For BMW 6 Series E64N
2008 - To 03/08 650i Convertible (E64N/N62N)

For BMW 7 Series E65
2002-2005 745i Sedan (E65/N62)
2006-2008 750i Sedan (E65/N62N)
2004-2006 760i Sedan (E65/N73)
2007-2008 ALPINA B7 Sedan (E65/N62)
2007-2008 B7 ALPINA Sedan (E65/N62)

For BMW 7 Series E66
2002-2005 745Li Sedan (E66/N62)
2006-2008 750Li Sedan (E66/N62N)
2003-2008 760Li Sedan (E66/N73)

For BMW Rolls-Royce RR1
2004 - To 01/09 Phantom Sedan (RR1/N73)
2006 - To 01/09 Phantom EWB Sedan (RR1/N73)

For BMW Rolls-Royce RR2
2008 - To 01/09 Drophead Convertible (RR2/N73)

For BMW X5 E70
2007-2010 X5 3.0si SAV (E70/N52N)
2007-2010 X5 4.8i SAV (E70/N62N)

For BMW X6 E71
2008-2010 X6 35iX SAC (E71/N54)
2008-2014 X6 50iX SAC (E71/N63)

Package Included:
1x Parking Distance Control Unit Module

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Customer Reviews

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Ben Shenton

So easy to install, can run immediately without programming, and has been installed for about a month without any errors or issues.


The overall sound quality is better than I expected. So this purchase was a winner for me.

Jennings Sherry

Recieved in a very timely manner. Part does fit. Would use company again.


This amp worked! Can't install it myself, got a familiar mechanic to install it for me.

samir mujkanovic

I just want to thank you for excellent service fast delivery and perfectly fitting part. I am going to use this company for every my auto parts needs. Thank you!