2011-23 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke CCV/PCV Delete Engine Ventilation Kit Turbo Piping Kit CCV PCV Reroute Kit


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Vents crankcase blow by-decreasing oil deposits in the engine
No boot soak, intake gumming, etc.-increases the longevity of parts
Eliminates the need for the crankcase box on the top of the engine-frees up room for more activities under the hood
Venturi-style design-eliminates the need for restrictive baffles
Virtually no oil loss-no need to worry about puddles under your truck
Streamline routing with no angles-provides better pressure flow & no oil dripping
Includes ?" 6Ft 100% silicone reinforced hose- designed for oil applications
Black Anodized components for better durability

Condition:100% Brand New.
Material:Aluminum alloy rubber

For 2011-2023?Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel

Package Content:
1 x Turbo Piping Kit

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Customer Reviews

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Good but not great

Kit quality is nice, but the bolt heads do not fit in the machined pocket. Had to grind the head of the bolts to allow them to fit. Other than that very nice kit for the price.

Andy Moldowan

The components were high-quality, and the provided instructions were clear and concise. I was able to complete the installation in my garage with basic tools.

Brad Hagans

2011-23 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke CCV/PCV Delete Engine Ventilation Kit Turbo Piping Kit CCV PCV Reroute Kit

Brendon blanchard pinkess
Plug doesn’t fit.

Everything seemed to go in good. The bolts for the block plate were too short to use a washer.. so that’s not ideal. The hose was bent and kinked so I have to cut some of it off to use it. Not a huge deal but now the hose plug isn’t big enough to use and didn’t even come with a clamp so I have to go find something that will work. Good that this is a cheaper alt to the name brand kits but it’s still pricey for how simple it is yet they didn’t get it all right..

Douglas Mitchell

2011-23 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke CCV/PCV Delete Engine Ventilation Kit Turbo Piping Kit CCV PCV Reroute Kit